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We Help Busy Professionals Feel Healthy and Grow Younger by Alleviating Physical Pain, Stress and Optimizing Energy Levels

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Personalized Training and Nutrition plan

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One-One Training sessions with our health coach

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Ravi Pratap Maddimsetty, 43 years

CTO at MobStac, Inc

Samarth's methodical approach to fitness and nutrition for busy executives has been game-changing for me personally. His knowledge of how our bodies work - how to build muscle, lose fat, and increase strength, - is extensive and research-backed.


Samarth has a clear goals-driven approach that I find well suited to my needs. He incorporated a variety of exercises into my regimen and also makes use of interesting new techniques such as Animal Flow. I highly recommend Samarth's services to anyone who wants to incorporate meaningful fitness into a busy lifestyle.


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Our mission is to help executives and busy professionals grow younger by alleviating stress, enhancing energy levels and optimizing performance!

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